Hylodent Gum Serum

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Hylodent Gum Serum - targeted, intensive care


Hylodent gum serum is a targeted, intensive treatment for irritated gums. It is applied directly to problem areas, where it releases its nurturing effects.

The serum contains a formula with hyaluronic acid and xylitol. Thanks to its effectiveness, hyaluronic acid is used for a variety of different medical purposes, while xylitol hinders the growth of the bacteria Streptococcus mutans, which can cause plaque and cavities.

Healthy oral flora can prevent the formation of plaque and cavities. The hyaluronic acid promotes the tissue’s own powers of regeneration. The gums are moisturized so that they sit against the teeth better.

Apply a small amount of serum to the problem areas in the mouth using a cotton swab or use index finger after being thoroughly washed with soap and apply a pea size amount in the desired area.

Important: do not eat or drink anything for half an hour after using to allow gums time to absorb the hyaluronic acid.

Bleeding gums and inflammations:
Approximately 5.5 million Australians suffer from periodontal diseases. Hylodent gingival serum is an ideal solution to influence cessation of bleeding gums and inflammations.

In case of injuries, for example after surgical operations
Hylodent gingival serum supports the wound healing and helps to prevent inflammation.

If dental implants cause problems
Hylodent gingival serum can sooth the irritated tissue and reduce inflammations.

Irritated areas in the mouth
for example beneath ill-fitting dentures will benfit from the soothing and healing effect.

Oral Care with the effect of hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid is well known in cosmetics and skin care however less commonly known for its role in medicine and dentistry. For example, its use, if the joint cartilage is worn out. In dentistry it is used in many clinical situations, such as papilla regeneration to pad out worn gingival areas.

Hyaluronic acid is an incredible substance because it is naturally found all over the human body therefore is very easily tolerated. It can bind an extreme amount of water – up to six litres per gram. It helps provide tissue with moisture. Due to its ability to bind water, it helps to tighten the gums, helping them to look young, strong and healthy.

Interestingly, Hyaluronic acid supports wound healing and regeneration of tissue. It is one of the substances the human body uses to fight attacks of bacteria. Hylodent uses this natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Characteristics and effects of hyaluronic acid

  • therapeutic substance
  • already exists naturally in human tissue, so is well tolerated and easily absorbed
  • supports the regeneration of gums
  • has a positive effect on wound healing of gums
  • has been used in the medical field for years to improve wound healing and to reduce inflammations (patches, chronic sores, pulmonology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics)
  • stimulates tissue relevant cells
  • moistens the mucous membranes
  • can support treatments of chronic gum inflammation in children
  • supports the cell reproduction
  • enhances in general wound healing
  • people are more and more concerned about their health and are willing to spend more money for quality and “bio”-products.
  • the brand “Made in Germany” with rigid quality controls emphasizes the high-quality claim of Hylodent products.

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