October 17, 2019 1 min read

BiteSoft® Anterior splint

Tooth clenching whilst sleeping can lead to nasty tension headaches in the morning. This affects many people and can be a significant source of chronic tooth, jaw and headache pain. The BiteSoft® Night Guard is designed to help you stop clenching and grinding your teeth at night. 

Our BiteSoft® Night Guard is a safe, pain-free and effective way to promote a more restful nights sleep.

Taking Your Own Impressions For your BiteSoft® Splint

When you purchase your BiteSoft® Night Guard we will Express Post your Impression Kit.

Your kit comes with all you need to take a set of quality impressions of your upper and lower teeth including easy to understand instructions and a self addressed Express Post bag to return to us so our qualified team of technicians can fabricate your BiteSoft® Night Guard.

BiteSoft® Tips 

  1. Ensure your BiteSoft® Night Guard fits nice and snug, if it is loose or easily dislodged, please contact us immediately
  2. Some wearers occasionally require extra time to adapt to their BiteSoft® Night Guard, it is important that you only wear your BiteSoft® Night Guard for a few hours over night until you become more familiar and comfortable with the appliance
  3. Some initial muscle tenderness is not uncommon, especially for those who have worn night guards previously
  4. Most people experience excess saliva for several days until they become accustomed to the appliance, be patient and you will find it goes away quickly

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