BiteSoft® Night Guard Questions & Answers

No, your BiteSoft® Night Guard has been designed to be worn only at night time. You should insert it after you have brushed your teeth, before you go to sleep, and remove it when you wake up in the morning.

After you brush your teeth in the evening and morning you should rinse your BiteSoft® Night Guard under cold water, apply the cleansing foam to the inside and gently brush with your toothbrush, then rinse again.

A very positive effect of your BiteSoft® Night Guard is to reduce muscle tension which in turn can reduce morning tension headaches. In some cases this can result in your lower jaw slightly moving to a better resting position. Your normal bite will return soon after you wake up.

We recommend that you change your BiteSoft® Night Guard every 24-30 months. This will depend on how heavily you have been clenching over that time period.

Yes, just order from our website.

The serial number or PAC (Product Authenticity Code) protects the wearer from being issued an unlicensed copy of the Patent Protected and FDA approved authentic BiteSoft® Night Guard by an unlicensed and untrained dental laboratory.

It is not used to remake the device, unfortunately, therefore we will need you to take new impressions.