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 The best-engineered mouth guard for teeth grinding and clenching is the Bitesoft® Night Guard. It's available in two versions: one made with hard plastic on top, which can be worn as a temporary fix until your next appointment; or bottom-wear models that are re ICC certified so you don't have to worry about any discomfort while sleeping at night!


Bruxism is a medical term for teeth clenching or grinding. While most people do this at night when they sleep, it can also happen during the day and cause excessive worn down chipped tooth enamel pain headaches among other symptoms that are often treated with dental night guards.


Dental Night Guards:

It's an important device for those who grind their teeth in sleep and want to protect themselves from potential damage. A dentist will fit you with one that’s custom-made but they're usually full size guards which can't be remolded after installation - this means if it doesn't feel right at first, there isn’t much chance of getting adjustments done by the manufacturer 


Aftermarket Night Guards:

The leader in the dental protection industry has created a new product that offers great benefits but comes with some major setbacks. BITESOFT® NIGHT GUARD is an affordable option for people who want to avoid going into dentist offices or paying high prices on repairs! 


Best Materials for Bruxism:

The importance of the material used in a night guard cannot be understated. If it is too hard, then teeth grinders and clenchers will have an uncomfortable bite.  The material used in the night guard should be soft enough to prevent discomfort but hard enough so that grinding doesn't occur.

 BITESOFT® NIGHT GUARD is the teeth grinding and clenching mouth guard your dentist doesn't want you to know about. What makes this night guard better than you get from a dentist or elsewhere?


What makes BITESOFT® Mouth Guard better?

  • Small, Comfortable Design

BITESOFT® is smaller than most dental guards making it more comfortable and easier to sleep with it in the mouth than traditional night guards.


  • Custom Fit

BITESOFT® is moldable by you in your home using our boil and bite design. It can also be remolded for a better fit, if necessary.


  • Better Materials

BITESOFT® is made with two different materials that are softer than hard guards used by dentists. BITESOFT®  use softer material which is easier on the teeth and doesn't irritate the teeth and gums.

  • Price

BITESOFT®  is only $522.00 - a fraction of the cost charged by dentists, which is approximately $1000.


Mouth Guards for Sleeping Protect Against Grinding:

The  night guard made by Bitesoft was created to solve a huge problem: how can you protect your teeth while sleeping? The answer is easy with the new BITESOFT® Night Guard. This custom-designed product has all of our desired features, including being small enough for daily wear or anytime necessary molding at home!

 After a year of complete research and development work, we accomplished our goal for bruxism - a high-quality mouth guard at a great price.


Bitesoft Teeth Mouth Guard :The Solution for Teeth Grinding and Clenching


The BITESOFT® Night Guard will provide years of teeth grinding and clenching protection.

Low Profile:

BITESOFT® Night Guard was engineered with a low profile design and fit as an alternative to full-size mouth guards on the market



What Else Can Be Done for Teeth Grinding?

Clenching and grinding one's teeth is not a healthy habit. It can lead to chipped or broken enamel, and even though it may seem like a relaxing thing in the moment sometimes when you're tired after work for example- repeated nights of bruxism have lasting effects on your oral health over time.


Headaches due pain caused by pressure buildup within muscles that contract during sleep hours - which means proper relaxation before bed will help relieve some stressors associated with having this condition.


 Where can i buy a mouth guard for Grinding Teeth

 You can buy Bitesoft Night Guard one fo the best in the world.  Your dentist may have mouth guards available for purchase, or you can find them at many retail stores. When choosing a mouth guard, it is important to select one that fits snugly and comfortably over your teeth.

You may also want to choose a mouth guard that is specifically designed to help prevent teeth grinding. If you have any questions about which mouth guard is right for you, be sure to ask your dentist for guidance.

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