Why You May Need A BiteSoft® Anterior Splint

February 15, 2022 1 min read

Bruxism affects many people and can be a significant source of chronic tooth pain. 

The BiteSoft® splint is designed to help people who clench or grind their teeth at night. 

If you suffer from jaw pain, headaches or you grind your teeth then our BiteSoft® night guard is a safe, pain-free and effective way to reduce those harmful symptoms. 

Wearing a BiteSoft® Splint

Insert and check that the appliance cannot be easily removed with lip or tongue pressure. Ensure your lower front teeth cannot be pushed back off the edge of your splint. This is best done by lying down. 

BiteSoft® Tips 

1/ Because some people occasionally require extra time to adapt to their splint, it is important that if you are having trouble wearing your BiteSoft® then only wear it for a few hours over night until you become more familiar and comfortable with the appliance. 

2/ Some initial muscle tenderness is not uncommon, especially for those who have worn splints previously. 

3/ Most people experience excess saliva for several days until they become accustomed to the appliance, this is perfectly normal.

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